Who We Are


We are an Artivist Collective working toward empowerment and change for women and femmes.

To feel, to think, to say, to make dissidence, with rebel joy, freedom, autonomy, plenitud, to exercise our rights and enjoy our lives, for an equitable society free of violence.

We are a movement that assumes the sociocultural responsibility to make performative interventions in relation to gender. Our actions follow our Almanac of symbolic dates during the year.

Artivism fortifies our social consciousness and is a true tool for change.

The artivist framework of MAT follows that of TRAMA/Network of Performance and Gender. Our yearly almanac of artivist actions is as follows:

Marzo. Mujer y Memoria (March. Woman and Memory)
Mayo. Mujer y Salud (May: Woman and Health)
Septiembre. Mujer y Pensamiento (September. Woman and Thought)
Noviembre. Mujer, Mantenete Despierta! (November. Woman, Stay Awake!)

And emerging actions:

Mujeres y Derechos (Women and Rights)
Escobazo (Sweep away)
Nosotras las Ausentes (We the Absent)
Vivas Nos Queremos – NiUnaMenos (Live How We Want — NotOneLess)

We generate change and activism—in the virtual world with publications, photo campaigns, spots, and by organizing in the field on a national and international level with organizations, institutions, and organisms of the state. We lead artist workshops, show programing, public interventions, expositions, forums, conferences, congresses, conversation tables, and more. Our work makes it possible to build bridges of understanding between people. Some groups feel motivated to recreate our actions, like the Unidad Mujer de la Policlínica Gipuzkoa in Bilbao, España, who utilized the image of the Campaña Habemus Mama and Smith College who recreated our action Marzo, Mujer, y Memoria.
Purposes of MAT:

  • Recuperate memory and reflect on how to make Art that doesn’t betray the contemporary woman, respecting the historical fight of feminism. We ask ourselves what we’re portraying and exhibiting about women that creates a new scene and doesn’t repeat the stereotypes that reduce us historically.
  • To look to produce an Art that affirms new historical and political bases,  new paradigms.
  • To understand identities are social products, changing, fluctuating in a double process of self-affirmation and deconstruction.
  • To dismantle all the forms of violence by means of performance.
  • We ask ourselves: How do we reach these goals with performative arts? Are there productions that have met this goal? Are there landslides in “feminist” productions that involuntarily recreate these problems? Conversely, are there feminist productions that avoid the problems and drive to make liberational women’s art? 

500 artists from this country and beyond, 

promoting to establish analogies and critical thought

the making of art.

Because we believe

in collective action,

in making action for change,

In the amplification of rights and their full exercise,

in the intervention of space and public agendas,

in remaking ourselves vibrant, present, and celebratory.

MUJERES DE ARTES TOMAR was started in November of 2011 by the theater Company Las Chicas de Blanco, an independent theater group established in 1999.