Who is a MAT Colaborantía?

Colaborantía is a word made by MAT to define the action of person who is a supporter and collaborator with the organization.  They can be a person from anywhere in the world that adheres to the mission, vision and objectives of our Association (you can read about us here) and wants to assist with an economic contribution or volunteer work to help the full development of our programming.

Why should I become a MAT Colaborantía?

The purpose of the Colaborantía is to increase the political, financial and operational resources of the organization in order to make possible the essential connection between the community and our work.

The contributions can be active, varied, creative, always with awareness to our work and with fair reciprocity:

  1. Time: Dedicate a set number of hours per week to the creation of actions on the MAT Almanac, calls to action, and social media assistance.
  2. Service: Assistance with professional services (institutional organization, accounting, law, communications, design).
  3. Investment: With the investment of a yearly fee, you will help realize art activism that stems from and to all different areas of the region.

What are the benefits for MAT Collaborators?

  • Preferential seating in shows and programming with free entrance (with reservation)
  • 10% discount on programming that has a fee.
  • The possibility to participate actively as a volunteer in MAT actions that are on our Almanac.
  • The possibility to develop actions that link to the mission of the Association with the supervision of MAT.
  • Gratitude on social sedia (for Adhering Collaborators)
  • Gratitude on social media, website, and print media with your logo (for Protective Collaborators)


Colaborantía Sostén (for students, professionals, others)
Yearly Investment: $1000 ARS (In monthly payments of $10o ARS)

Colaborantía Proyección (for groups, organizations, institutions, commercial establishments, etc.)
Yearly Investement:  $3000 ARS

How can I pay?

  • In cash, at any MAT event or meeting
  • Through transfer or bank deposit to MUJERES DE ARTES TOMAR Cuenta Corriente en $ Banco Credicoop NRO. 54006 CBU… 19100032 55000300540064 CUIT… 33-71484604-9

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