The theoretical framework of MAT is TRAMA / Network of Performing and Gender’s theoretical research and practice in transversality. The yearly MAT Almanac is as follows:

March, Woman and Memory
May, Women and Health
September, Woman and Thought
November, Woman, Stay Awake!

and emerging actions:
Mujeres y Derechos
Nosotras las Ausentes
Vivas Nos Queremos – NiUnaMenos

Marzo, Mujer y Memoria [March, Woman, & Memory]

A series of ARTE AND CONSCIOUSNESS by Mujeres de Artes Tomar and el Auditorio Kraft CCNV, creates a space where art and thought meet as generators of profound social change. We chose this month to perform a varied program (training, awareness, reflection, representation and public visibility actions), supported by two main events: 8 March, International Day of Women and March 24th, National day of Memory for Truth and Justice, dates that focus on rights for women. MMM was brought to realization 5 different times: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 with the Teresa Parodi.  | Photos

Mayo, Mujer y Salud [May, Woman & Health]

MAT focuses on the value of our autonomy, empowerment and enjoyment of our own bodies and lives, to reach a state of well-being in health. We want to live, we want to be free, we want to wake up, be rebels everyday, especially on May 28th, International day of Action for Women’s Health. “La salud es la consecución de una autonomía personal solidaria y gozosa” [Health is the achievement of personal autonomy, solidarity, and joy] -Jordi Gol
MMS has been brought to realization 5 times: 2012 (Direction by Politics of Gender of Morón, Center “To live without Violence”), 2013 (Photograph Campaign “Habemus Mama”), 2014 (Institute of Oncology, Ángel H. Roffo, CABA), 2015 (Poetry Action, National Ministry of Health, Obelisco, CABA), (Camisones, Munincipal Organization of the Northwest, La Matanza) y 2016 (Meeting-workshop and artivist action Vivas Nos Queremos, NiUnaMenos, Plaza de los dos Congresos, CABA) | Photos

Septiembre, Mujer y Pensamiento [September, Woman, & Thought]

MAT proposes reflection and action on the sensitive themes of social position based on the right to decide about our own bodies. We adhere to:

September 23rd / International Day against Sexual Exploitation and the trafficking of women and children.

  • For those that are, for those that are not, for those that are in danger!!!! 

September 28th / Global Day of Action for the Right to Legal, Safe, and Free Abortion

  • Sexual education to decide, contraceptives in order not have to to abort, legal abortion in order to not die.

SMP has come to 5 realizations: 2012 Ciclo de Teatro y Diálogo (SUTEBA CABA y San Justo), 2013 Ciclo de Artes- Diálogo y Acción Artivista “Nosotras Las Ausentes” (Escuela Leopoldo Marechal de Isidro Casanova. Coorganizado con el Centro de Estudiantes El Tábano), 2014 Ciclo de Artes- Diálogo “Mujeres y Derechos” co creado con la Diplomatura en Géneros, Políticas y Participación (UNGS, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento), 2015 Talleres Artivistas donde reflexionar desde el cuerpo sobre estas y otras temáticas, 2016 Acción Artivista “Nosotras las ausentes” en la Semana se trata de NO + TRATA (EMAD). | Photos

Noviembre. Mujer, Mantenete Despierta!

November 25 / International de Against Violence against Women

We activate ourselves in order to suspend the patriarchy and all of its forms of violence, erasure, and murder.

For the women that submit to physical, psychological, and symbolic violence…

For women in trafficking networks…

For women and transgender people battered, beaten and murdered.

For the girls and boys in abusive situations or under the attack of patriarchal violence.

For them we are living. For them we are fighting. For them we want to make change.

NMMD has come to realization 5 times: 2011 Encuentro de Gestación MAT y Acción Artivista interviniendo la Marcha del Municipio de Morón (Dirección de Políticas de Género del Municipio de Morón y Universidad de Morón), 2012 Jornada de Artes-Diálogo en la vía Pública (Plaza Mafalda, CABA), 2013 Jornada de Artes-Diálogo en la vía Pública (Plaza Bartolomé Mitre, Ramos Mejía), 2014 Ciclo de Artes- Diálogo “Mujeres y Derechos” co creado con la Diplomatura en Géneros, Políticas y Participación (UNGS, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento), 2015 NiUnaMenos Vivas Nos Queremos, (Plaza de los dos Congresos), Acción Poética, Comité contra las Violencias, (Hospital Alvarez, CABA) y No creo en tus mandamientos, (Honorable Concejo Deliberante, Municipio de Morón). | Photos